Celebrating the power of human connection

  • 2 minutes
  • 03 January 2017

Download the Spring 2016/Summer 2017 edition of Endeavour's Wellspring magazine.

Wellspring Spring Summer 2016

When we started to piece together this issue, it became clear one theme was at the heart of it – the power of human connection. The reality that the most joyful and productive aspects of our lives and work can spark from those authentic connections we make along the way. After all, there is only so much we can achieve on our own.

With a mountain of apps and software platforms now catering to our every imaginable need, we shouldn’t forget about how human interaction can fuel our lives on every level. Technology may be the future, but there is no device that can replace human connection and its ability to inspire true innovation.

Take naturopath Jacqueline Evans who graces this issue’s cover as the perfect example. Far before she built her natural beauty empire, it was her close working relationship with renowned pharmacist and homeopath Margo Marrone that brought about her lightbulb moment. The intense and fruitful working connection they shared ended up changing the course of Jacqui’s career, as she became consumed with using her naturopathic knowledge to create a natural skincare range.

A decade and many thousands of stylish bottles later, Jacqui’s unique botanical formulations are in demand around the world. Her story is a reminder of how one shared experience can change everything.

On the theme of connection, I’m thrilled to introduce a regular feature revealing the most meaningful bonds formed within the health and wellness world. We all know the best stories are about the human heart, and our editorial team will give you an inside look at the relationships that mean the most to the rising stars of our industry.

As human beings we all crave authentic connection, and this is just as relevant in the workplace. Sadly, this can be too easily forgotten when the pressure mounts. So here is my challenge to myself and each of you – make more time to jump off the treadmill, disconnect from all things digital and connect with the people around you.

Because this is where the real magic happens. 

Carolyn J Barker AM
Chief Executive Officer, Endeavour College of Natural Health