The one thing about that it’s constant!

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  • 23 September 2016

Download the Autumn/Winter 2016 edition of Endeavour's Wellspring magazine.

Wellspring magazine

When scoping this issue with the editorial staff, we were debating the importance of embracing change in life – whether through necessity, happy accident or self awareness and focus.

We know nothing stands still for long, yet many of us are tempted to look the other way when change comes knocking at our door. For that reason we’ve injected this issue with inspiring stories that prove welcoming change can make the extraordinary possible. 

Take naturopath Kate Reardon who graces this issue’s cover as the perfect example. At a crossroad in her life during her early 20s, Kate was looking for a book to help her unlock the potential inside her. It took some gentle advice from an Endeavour lecturer for Kate to realise her own quest for wellness held all the answers, rather than an external source. By fully committing to the change ahead of her, Kate found herself into a position years later to spearhead a thriving natural health retreat in Ubud. Now she is sharing the lessons from her own health journey through her first book The Essential Cleanse, which attracted a royal stamp of approval from the Duchess of York herself.

If we take embracing change to its extreme, we have disruption – the latest entrepreneurial buzzword. At their best, disruptor businesses can completely change the way we think, do business and go about our day. We’ve all seen how disruptor brands can benefit consumers, and many of us have experienced this for ourselves with global giants Airbnb, Uber and Spotify. This left us wondering – which companies are disrupting and reigniting the health and wellness industry? We trawled the globe to find out, and you can read our round up in the 2016 Power List on page 16.

Change is also in the air closer to home and within the Endeavour family. After a rigorous application process, I’m thrilled to announce that the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) has re-approved Endeavour College of Natural Health campuses to deliver the four year Acupuncture degree so that our Acupuncture graduates are eligible for registration with CMBA. Endeavour has had approval for five of its six campuses for many years. However with the introduction of its flagship Sydney campus in George Street, Haymarket just over three years ago, we applied for and received CMBA approval (additional to TEQSA higher education provider approval) for all six campuses – now including Sydney. This means our students are among the only in Australia studying a CMBA-approved undergraduate Acupuncture qualification. 

It is also the start of a new era for Endeavour’s Myotherapy degree, previously known as Musculoskeletal Therapy. We’ve recently heard word from the Australian Association of Massage Therapists they have named our Bachelor of Health Science Degree (Myotherapy) their preferred degree nationally.

And last but certainly not least, we come to this very publication… Endeavour’s brand extension magazine Wellspring. After four years the time was right to freshen up our style and format. You’ll see we’ve transformed our regular flip issue into a special feature where we will tackle a theme pertinent to our readers, and you can find now find more information about our courses at the back of the magazine. Let us know what you think at

Carolyn J Barker AM
Chief Executive Officer, Endeavour College of Natural Health