A detailed overview of Endeavour's practice-based research network has been published – download your copy.

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  • 20 February 2017

In 2015 Endeavour College of Natural Health established the largest practice-based research network (PBRN) in complementary healthcare in the world.

The network, known as the Practitioner Research and Collaboration Initiative (PRACI), has 764 individual practitioner members from 14 different complementary health professions.

Dr Amie Steel, Chair of the PRACI Steering Committee and Associate Director of Research at Endeavour, says this project is very important to complementary healthcare field.

“The extent of practitioner involvement in a network like PRACI is unprecedented. We are so proud to be working with the Australian practitioner and researcher community to bring this world-first initiative to complementary healthcare”, said Dr Steel.

A recent journal article, the first findings to be published from the PRACI network by Dr Steel and colleagues, details the characteristics of PRACI members. The practitioner members of PRACI are drawn from every state and territory in Australia with the majority in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. On average, PRACI members are a little less than 48 years old, and are most commonly female.

The paper also describes the diverse practice interests of the PRACI members, ranging from general health and wellbeing through to more specific clinical areas such as pain management and women’s health.

The next stage for the PRACI project is to enable the conduct of research projects which is practice-based and clinically relevant.

“One of the main reasons for publishing this information is so that researchers interested in conducting research through PRACI have a sense of the scope and range of projects which PRACI can support”, said Dr Steel.

The paper outlines a number of study designs which researchers might consider as PRACI sub-studies including multi-centre clinical trials, observational studies, qualitative research, and case reports.

This diversity of possible research designs and member characteristics are the features which positions PRACI as an initiative which has the potential to reshape the complementary healthcare research world in Australia and across the world. 

Download the journal article

An Overview of the Practitioner Research and Collaboration Initiative (PRACI): a practice-based research network for complementary medicine

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For more on PRACI visit praci.com.au.