Endeavour College of Natural Health offers a robust articulation process for students wishing to transfer to one of the College’s bachelor degrees. Each student’s application is processed on its individual merit, where previous studies and experience are taken into account.

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  • 05 May 2017

“Endeavour’s Educational Pathways process does not grant ‘block credit’ from a Vocational Education Training (VET) program towards Higher Education (HE) qualifications,” said National Manager of Educational Pathways, Kathleen Daniel.

“It is one of the most significant differences between Endeavour’s articulation process and that of other HE providers.”

Block credit is a defined set of exemptions granted for a previous VET program into an HE qualification, regardless of the equivalency in learning and hours.  This can be problematic due to differences in the quality of skills and knowledge obtained from subjects delivered by different providers.

Many VET educational providers teach subjects that map to units of competency within a course. To illustrate the differences, the table below outlines the hours required to meet the same unit of competency, HLTAP401B – Confirm physical health status, which is from the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (HLT60512).

Unit of Competency: HLTAP401B – Confirm physical health status

  VET Provider 1

Subject Name



Anatomy & Physiology



Chemistry & Biochemistry


  VET Provider 2

Subject Name



Anatomy & Physiology 1A



Anatomy & Physiology 1B


  VET Provider 3

Subject Name



Anatomy & Physiology 101



Anatomy & Physiology 201


  VET Provider 4

Subject Name



Anatomy & Physiology 1


The hours of learning differ greatly from provider to provider, therefore issuing block credit based on the units of competency alone does not adequately reflect the learning undertaken by the student.  

Endeavour’s Educational Pathways process maps the learning, hours and assessment criteria of the subjects undertaken by the student to similar criteria within Endeavour subjects, ensuring the student enters their bachelor degree at an appropriate level of skill and knowledge. 

“This process also allows the Pathways team to assess students who have only partially completed a VET qualification,” said Ms Daniel.

“The mapping would be undertaken on the specific subjects the student has completed and credit granted accordingly. So students can still receive credit towards an Endeavour degree even if they did not finish their Diploma or Advanced Diploma.”

Endeavour’s Educational Pathways process is fair and equitable, and meets the Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning requirements set out by the Australian Government Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 – TEQSA Contextual Overview, effective 1 January 2017: 

“TEQSA supports granting of credit for prior learning, and will need to be satisfied that this is guided by institutionally approved policies and evidence-based procedures that are applied transparently and consistently, with explicit (written) outcomes for credit decisions provided to students. The relevant policy framework is required by Section 7.2. TEQSA expects providers to take a positive attitude to the award of credit wherever practicable, but TEQSA must also be satisfied that the granting of credit will not disadvantage students (e.g. by admitting students who are insufficiently prepared to undertake the level of higher education required) or diminish the integrity of the qualification awarded.”

If you are interested in undertaking a natural health bachelor degree with Endeavour and have previously studied, you can determine your possible advanced standing using the College’s detailed Articulation Abacus. This online calculator is based on detailed mapping of subjects from over 350 qualifications.

Learn more about Endeavour’s Educational Pathways process or email educational.pathways@endeavour.edu.au to discuss your individual circumstances.