The College Council is the peak academic governing body at Endeavour. It reviews and monitors the performance of all academic areas to assist with quality management and continual improvement of those operational processes.

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  • 17 September 2018

Professor Emeritus Mervyn Hyde AM

  • Position: Chair of College Council

Professor Michael Weir

  • Position: Chair, Independent Non-Executive Director ACNM Board | Chair, Academic Board

Dr Gary Deed

  • Position: Chair, Human Research Ethics Committee

Dr John Ryan

  • Position: Community Health Representative

Dr Melisa Rangitakatu

  • Position: Dean and Operations Director ACNM

Dr Andrea Bugarcic

  • Position: Director of Education | Head of Department-Biosciences

Taylor-Jane Sharouni

  • Position: Academic Staff Representative

Alison Pascoe

  • Position: Operational Staff Representative

Andrew McLintock

  • Position: Student Representative

Rebecca Reid

  • Position: Associate Director, Research