Why wellness is more than an Instagram trend - part 2

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 21 June, 2019

It seems that Instagram’s portrayal of wellness was a topic that resonated with a lot of practitioners within the health industry, so we decided to continue with a part two. Read on for more insights.

There are many social media trends that come and go, but optimum health and wellness is a way of living. While social media may be able to offer inspiration towards living a clean, healthy lifestyle, wellness is a lifelong journey and a commitment to a holistic way of living.
Long term health, is not built from short term fads, or by following the latest influencers, or trends. Great health is the result of long term healthy living choices and an understanding of our personal and individual health needs.
This is often where social media can be somewhat deceiving, as much of what we are shown is focussed on quick fixes, single products and fad diets.
Natural medicine works best when weaved through one’s diet to strengthen the body, working with a prevention rather than cure approach to health. By bringing wholefoods, herbs, and healthy living habits into our daily lives, which are natural or close to their natural state, ensures the body is provided with an abundance of wholesome nutrients, which will help the body thrive.
Natural remedies such as herbs and spices, can help support specific systems and can be utilised for their healing properties. At Love Tea, we have designed a range of wellness blendsto naturally support specific areas of health. We believe that by drinking herbal teas, or adding spices and herbs to meals, that they can have a powerful long-term effect on our health.
Utilising the healing power of nature to support our health and focussing on a holistic approach, is the key to wellness.

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Instagramis a great platform to inspire people to want to achieve optimal health, but there are a number of reasons why it won’t necessarily help maintain health in the long term. It’s very important for people to remember that any information given out over social media is of a very general nature and not specific to any one particular person. So what might work for some people won’t work for others, and without those people understanding the reasons for this it can often leave them feeling worse about themselves than when they started. However, when you work alongside a qualified health professional who is able to dedicate personalised care and long sessions to suit one particular person and their specific concerns whilst simultaneously addressing every aspect of their health and lifestyle, that is when the magic happens. 
By understanding their clients on an individualised basis, natural health practitioners are able to provide them with a wide scope of treatment options that can be tailored specifically to their presenting complaints or symptoms. There is no “one size fits all” answer to any kind of health issue as we all have different bodies, lifestyles, habits and needs. Therefore having the opportunity to be empowered to overcome your concerns with the commitment and expertise of a practitioner is paramount to ensure sustainable change and optimal long term health. 

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Natural remedies are a primary way we promote our well being and help improve our long term health. The majority of people use natural remedies daily, they don't even realise they are! From taking vitamins, going for walks to making good meal choices as part of their diet. That apple as a snack instead of a chocolate bar is a powerful example.
Wellness to us means a holistic, balanced approach to wellbeing and long term health.
Platforms such as instagram can be incredibly influential.There are many thought leaders sharing powerful messages, great recipes and tips for improving health.
The downside to the platform is that anyone can post anything. It's about understanding that we don't see what happens behind the scenes. Equally as important, you need to sort through the plethora of information to find the messages right for you.
At Paramount Healthwe do our bit towards promoting long term health by offering services with a holistic focus.
Our chiropractic and massage services assist clients with their physical wellbeing. By easing tension and rehabilitating injury, we help restore harmony to the body. Being relaxed allows the freedom to get through the day pain free, and exercise without limitation.
Our floatation tank is a way for people to relax and unwind. It is a powerful anti inflammatory tool, from which many chronic pain sufferer's benefit. Floating is also excellent for sports recovery.
The infrared sauna promotes healing to a deep level of the body. Because it facilitates detox on a cellular level, people feel a difference immediately. It is a great way to help detoxify from issues like heavy metals and mould. It's also a great way to boost the immune system, fight colds and help with digestive conditions.

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For me wellness is what in Chinese medicine is said to be the balance between yin and yang, expressing in the modern world as that balance between doing and being, hustling and allowing. It is that feeling of contentment, of gratitude for life, fulfilment and vibrant health.
I believe society, as well as social media, is going at a rather fast pace, and wanting us to meet external perceptions of what being “well” means. For me, wellness comes from within, from gifting ourselves time and space to reconnect to our values, needs, and priorities in a holistic way, meaning equally supporting our mind, body and soul.
Nowadays it is easy to be following someone else’s idea of wellness, health and beauty, and social media is definitely influencing these trends more and more, it helps us connect to the world while often disconnecting and distracting us from our own inner awareness and wisdom. Our body is outstanding at sending us messages in regards to what it needs, but listening has become a challenge, and living in survival mode has almost become the norm.
At The Connection Project, I help women reconnect to what’s important to them, to shut down the external noise and look within, listen to their body, and to what their soul most desires.  I show them how to cook with love and nourish themselves with real wholefood and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
I also co-founded Alkimistaa new brand of certified organic essential oils to support people on their journey of healing, connection and transformation.

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The reality is that what we see on Instagram represents the best and most positive aspects of a person’s story. The vast majority of the content is simply an unrealistic representation of everyday life. People rarely share their problems publicly on the social media platform. Social media has exploded in the business and marketing world and wellness has become trendy on Instagram. However holistic health is a way of life and goes deeper than superficial appearances.

Natural medicines have a long history of use and seek to correct underlying imbalances in the body by supporting the tone and integrity of organs and body systems. Natural medicines have synergy and multiple therapeutic actions across tissues to enhance healing and stimulate the vital force. Natural remedies promote long term health by correcting nutritional deficiencies that diet alone cannot replete.

After years of experience practicing in naturopathy clinics in Sydney and Glen Innes, as well as founding The Natural Thyroid Clinic, it is my belief that natural medicines will continue to support the health of communities far and wide long after Instagram becomes obsolete. Long term health is both valuable and achievable with natural remedies, not just a passing trend.

For more on long term health, enjoy our Endeavour College of Natural Health graduate naturopath’s 5 top tips for healthy eating.

Overall, it seems that health practitioners are happy for the extra exposure that Instagram brings to the idea of healthy living, however, the images portrayed on Instagram are rarely a true reflection of any individual’s lifestyle and cannot be used as a benchmark for your own level of health and wellness. From above we can see that there are various methods for assessing and treating one’s own personal condition/situation that will help in gaining long term health and wellness. What is important is that you listen to your body and do what is best for you, regardless of what is trending online. 

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