Proactive. Persevere. Believe.

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 6 November, 2019

When we scroll through Instagram, our news feed and just about any news website, what is the first thing that grabs our attention? It’s often food, glorious food! That’s because it’s the pinnacle of our day. We often finish one meal only to fantasise about what we’re having next. As much as we love our salty snacks, flaky sweets and starchy pasta (by the bowl full of course), we know that if we do a little bit of research we can find something just as delicious but also nutritionally dense that’s going to make us feel amazing.

Studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine) opens up many doors into the flourishing world of natural health, and one of these doors opens right up to Content Creation. Many graduates have the opportunity to create content either for a company or even for themselves.

To successfully create content about health and nutrition, you have to stay on top of the latest research and new food trends, backed by confidence and your knowledge of what you’ve learnt.

This responsibility is even greater if you write for a major brand like Lorna Jane. Fiona Harrington was studying Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine and working in her local Lorna Jane store when she started contributing insights on nutrition for the company’s Move Nourish Believe blog. The blog has everything from recipes to health, fitness and beauty tips. She was quickly immersed in the world of marketing and social media and grew her skills to adapt to her role. What started as contributes soon flourished into full-time writing, sharing her nourishing ideas, and managing a team of like-minded contributors.

“More people than ever are committing to turn their health around and are coming to big brands like Lorna Jane for inspiration. The blog attracts hundreds of thousands of visits each week,” she says.

She admits at the start it was hard juggling study with work commitments but says Endeavour College’s supportive community helped her through.

“I was lucky to have understanding lecturers and peers who encouraged me to keep going. I learnt to be very efficient with my time, which is a skill I continue to leverage today,” Fiona says. “If you told me I’d be here now there’s no way I’d have believed you. I was just a mere baby trying to get my head around organic chemistry.”

Fiona’s experience goes to show us that by putting yourself out there, opportunities can come when you least expect them, even while you’re still studying. The idea is to be proactive, persevere and believe!

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