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Written by Nina Tovey | 1 January, 2013

Endeavour College alumnus Iva Keene has attracted a worldwide following through her acclaimed natural fertility program

A fascination with helping couples conceive without drugs and invasive procedures combined with an eagerness to embrace online learning resulted in a global, award-winning fertility business for Switzerland-based naturopath and Endeavour College of Natural Health alumnus Iva Keene.

What sets Iva’s program Natural Fertility Prescription apart is that it is one of only a few natural health fertility approaches to be endorsed by the conventional medicine industry, with many of her referrals coming from medical doctors who have seen the results of the program firsthand. The program is also recommended and endorsed by Foresight, the international pioneer for preconception care in the UK. Iva’s program boasts an extremely high success rate, reversing infertility in more than 80% of infertile couples and nearly doubling the IVF success rate of patients from 25% to 47%.

Iva believes the key to her success lies in translating her education and extensive research into an online training package which leverages the most current fertility findings and is holistic, affordable and patient-friendly.

“Before developing my program, the only information I could find was fragmented, written for scientists and completely inaccessible to a busy couple. All the material I could get my hands on fell short in some way, so I decided to create my own,” said Iva.

Iva spent seven years developing an evidence-based program which infused the most advanced naturopathic fertility science from around the world with little known ways to use sleep to boost fertility and new Ayurvedic and Chinese fertility insights.

Iva said the conventional medical approach to treating fertility issues tended to make men feel powerless and left out of the process.

“My approach gives men as much responsibility as their partner. It’s a team effort – as it should be.”

“The reproductive systems of men and women are both so vulnerable to radiation and toxins. It is important to protect the health of the egg and sperm during the crucial months leading to conception and throughout the delicate first trimester of pregnancy,” said Iva.

“After all, the greatest gift you can give a child is to pass on the best of his or her parents. This is possible by simply providing your body with the best conditions to do its work naturally.”

Iva helps prepare clients for IVF treatments, but stresses her belief that this type of invasive treatment is not necessary for most patients.

“Treatments like IVF control the whole cycle through drugs, which in my view takes power away from couples. I empower women to get the results they want by taking control of their diet, supplements and lifestyle.”

Iva’s fertility program has earned the loyalty of thousands of clients around the globe, with some compelling results along the way.

“I recently treated a client who has since fallen pregnant at 43 with her husband’s sperm which had been frozen for more than 13 years. Every baby is a miracle, but I was particularly proud of this case.”

With most of her female clients in their 30s, Iva says she can help the majority of ovulating women conceive and carry a successful pregnancy, regardless of their age.

“We live in a different time now where women in their physical child bearing prime may not have the security and finances to raise a child.”

“There is so much wonderful information about nutrition and supplements, and with the right knowledge we can keep ourselves younger. This relates to the quality of our eggs too – in the right conditions it is possible to improve their quality.”

Iva made a conscious effort to keep the costs of her program under $100 and made the full program available online to ensure couples around the world had access to her findings.

Investing in an online healthcare business certainly came with its challenges, as Iva learned over the crucial first few years.

“I needed to develop a lot of perseverance and patience. It has certainly been a steep learning curve to get the business to where it is today.”

Iva credits part of Natural Fertility Prescription’s success to the industry and public recognition that came with winning a series of prominent award programs, including the Apex Award in 2011 and 2012 for health and medical campaigns in addition to the Mom’s Choice Award for Family Friendly Media, Products and Services in 2011.

Iva also took a bold step which paid off, when she decided to make a large amount of her information and expertise freely available through articles and e-newsletters, netting her several thousand engaged subscribers.

“I have never guarded my expertise and have invested in sharing a great deal of my knowledge which has generated a great deal of goodwill and raised my profile globally.”

“For some people, the information from my e-newsletters and blog articles will be enough to help them, which is wonderful. However, many of the people who have been introduced to my work in this way have used my program and worked with me personally.”

Raised by a family of medical practitioners who used and respected natural therapies, Iva’s father gave her some advice from a radiologist’s perspective which helped carve her future career path.

“He would tell me there was only one type of medicine with many different branches we can draw on depending on the patient and the issue at hand. That is how I look at my work to this day.”

After spending her first few working years as a marketer for consumer brands such as Coca-Cola, Iva experienced a watershed moment which led her down a vastly different path.

“I was working on a campaign to get more three year olds to drink Coke. It was a tipping point for me when I realised I wanted to use my marketing skills to promote health rather than destroy it.”

This realisation took Iva back to her lifelong interest in natural medicine, and she enrolled to study naturopathy with Endeavour College of Natural Health (then ACNM), where she was taught by world-renowned experts to treat chronic conditions such as infertility holistically through diet, herbs and mind-body medicine.

To complement her newfound knowledge, Iva completed a Masters of Reproductive Medicine with the University of New South Wales to continue laying the groundwork to develop her groundbreaking program. By this stage Iva was treating her own clients in a Melbourne clinic and was taken aback by the number of patients requiring help to conceive.

“Once I saw these techniques work with my own eyes I became obsessed and devoured knowledge from every authoritative source I could lay my hands on.”

This thirst for bringing clients the best natural fertility treatments continues to spur Iva ahead to this day. As for what the future holds, Iva’s vision is clear.

“I want to provide a valuable service to couples around the world as my business grows – and to add many more gorgeous babies to my baby gallery of course!”

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