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Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 12 August, 2016

Naturopath Kate Reardon’s first book ‘The Essential Cleanse’ is helping countless people overhaul their lives, and has even attracted a royal stamp of approval.

If spearheading a burgeoning health retreat in Ubud with daughter Ruby on her hip wasn’t impressive enough, naturopath Kate Reardon is stepping into her true power with the release of her first book. The Essential Cleanse is helping countless people overhaul their lives, and has even attracted a royal stamp of approval.

“I knew I had all this potential inside me, but I didn’t know how to access it,” reflects Kate Reardon about the beginning of her health journey as we sit down for an interview about her book.

It was this powerful realisation Kate experienced in her early 20s that saw the naturopath embark on her own quest for wellness, which would eventually see her share her insights to help heal patients and readers around the world.

A pivotal conversation with one of Kate’s lecturers during her early 20s will always stand out in her memory.

“When I was studying I was at a real crossroads in my life. I was doing all the right things but felt like something was missing. I remember walking into my lecturer’s office and asking her to recommend a guidebook about removing all the things I didn’t want from my life and how I could create an existence full of bliss and adventure,” Kate said.

After waiting eagerly for a response, Kate’s lecturer kindly told her she would have to write that book herself. With that, a seed was planted and ten years and thousands of clients later Kate released the book she affectionately refers to as a ‘love letter of essential wisdom’.

That same lecturer was standing in the room with tears in her eyes as Kate shared her recollection of the fortuitous conversation with a crowd of guests at her recent Brisbane book launch.

Summed up by Kate as ‘the secrets and science behind cleansing for total vibrant health’, The Essential Cleansetalks readers through her 21 day program and strives to show there is much more to cleansing than giving up alcohol and cigarettes.

“Standing in your true potential is about removing anything in your way by examining all sorts of self sabotaging patterns and releasing these blockages. They can be physical toxins within our bodies, self-limiting beliefs, self destructive behaviours or even an inability to slow down,” said Kate.

“True healing lies in our ability to calm our minds, love our bodies and reconnect with our spirit.”

Since launching the book Kate’s email lights up daily with stories of major transformations from people going through the program, and requests from stockists keen to get their hands on the book.

The fact Kate’s close friend and client the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson offered to write a glowing foreword certainly helped the book command even more attention.

In her introduction Sarah credits Kate with saving her soul from the depth of destruction, and throws her endorsement behind the program she said would offer readers ‘intense experiences of transition’.

The story of how Kate’s book came together could be a bestseller in itself, and is a powerful reminder of the power of tapping into our intuition. When the entrepreneur came across some promotional material for LA-based inspirational speaker and author Mastin Kipp’s upcoming writers retreat in 2013, something just felt right.

“The idea behind the retreat was to help people get the first draft of their book out on paper within a month, and when I came across it on social media I felt like I was going to be there,” said Kate.

There was one problem – it cost $10,000. So she held off, and then two doors opened. Kate learned the retreat would be held in Bali and not Hawaii as usual, and not long after that she received a phone call.

“I got a call from Mastin’s retreat organiser who asked me if I would consider working with them for the month in exchange for participating on the retreat. Was I interested? Absolutely!” Kate said.

Once Kate arrived the words flowed – 2,500 words a day for 21 days to be precise. She also worked with 14 other retreat participants to ‘trial’ her book, and formed lifelong friendships with some of the women and Mastin himself in the process.

Then it came time to find the right editor, and divine intervention took place when acclaimed wordsmith Kelly Notaras declined the opportunity to edit Kate’s book but promised to find her the perfect alternative.

Next thing Kate knew she was on a Skype call with Michelle Burford, the founding Senior Editor of O, The Oprah Magazine and co-author of three New York Times bestsellers. The stakes were high, and it happened to be the one day of Kate’s pregnancy she was hit with morning sickness.

“I was in a cafe in France and was completely nauseous, trying to connect with this incredible woman over the Internet. Luckily she had read a few pages and felt connected to my story, and I felt the same way about her, and she agreed to take me on,” said Kate.

“It was a beautiful connection, as she helped me so much to shape the book and find my voice in it. There is so much more of me in these pages than you would have seen in the first draft – Michelle helped me get over my fears of being vulnerable,” Kate said.

Michelle’s influence paid off, with readers constantly contacting Kate to tell her how touched they were by her strong voice throughout the book.

“People have told me they feel like I’m there with them, that they can hear my voice when they’re reading the book. It’s exactly what I wanted and the best feedback I could receive,” Kate said.

Feeling surrounded by books written by authors with huge transformational life stories, Kate felt uncertain whether her journey was ‘enough’ to cut through with readers.

“I didn’t feel I had a big story – I had a great childhood and had lived a happy and balanced life. It was Michelle who helped me fine tune what I was all about – that I was an ordinary girl wanting to live an extraordinary life. That was a real turning point for me,” said Kate.

Another important lesson came with Kate’s decision not to sign with a publisher to retain her authentic voice.

“I was told by many people I trusted that taking on a major publisher would mean I’d likely be put into a box for marketing purposes, and I decided self-publishing would mean I could do it my way. I’m proud I did it on my own – I chose everything from the font to the photos,” said Kate.

Kate said one of the things that most attracted her to writing The Essential Cleansewas the chance to connect with so many more people than she could ever manage one-on-one.

“This is a way I can connect with people who may not have the chance to work with me through my retreat or over Skype. It’s like having a healing session with me from afar, and I love that,” Kate said.

Kate said she was supported every step of the way by her husband Patrick, to whom she dedicated the book.

“Patrick works so hard behind the scenes and does incredible things I could never do. We’ve been able to create something together we both love, while also raising our little lady Ruby. He is very much in it with me, and it’s an incredible feeling,” Kate said.

Living and working in Indonesia

“You have to really love what you do and believe in it because it is hard to do business here. There are lots of hoops to jump through, lots of money to outlay and different laws to consider. I’ve seen many businesses fail because they weren’t in it wholeheartedly. There is human order and divine order, and if you’re meant to be doing something the universe will support you.”

Living an intuition-led life

“I run the business and live my life generally based on how I am feeling in my heart compared to what I should be doing in my head. It is always intuition-led. I feel like living in Bali supports this as there is so much focus on connecting to each other, the planet and the spirit. It is important for me to feel good and get a full ‘yes’ for every decision I make.

“I recently decided to fulfill a long-term dream to become a certified yoga teacher which takes 200 hours of time. I just booked it and worked with my family to fit it in.”

Staying energised while helping others

“I have a high priestess I see in Bali who helps me with water cleanses and energy clearing. I also exercise regularly and eat well, which is necessary as I do have clients I get attached to. Their stories are like my stories and it can be hard to disassociate.” Working as an energetic healer“I’ve always been very connected to the spiritual world, and discovered as I went deeper that I could feel people’s energy in a way they couldn’t. I really wanted to strengthen that part of myself and in that way I knew I’d never be a ‘normal’ naturopath. It has been really important to me to honour that energetic side of who I am.”


The Essential Cleanse is available from Wellspring Bookstoresin Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, and online.

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