How to attract 12,000 Instagram followers in a year

Written by Sweat and Oranges | 30 September, 2013

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Health and fitness business Sweat and Oranges share how they built an Instagram empire of 12,000 followers in a mere twelve months.

Health and fitness business Sweat and Oranges have built an Instagram empire of 12,000 followers in twelve months through posting daily images of their meals, workouts and inspirational quotes to encourage their audience to realise that ’healthy can be a way of life’.  We couldn’t resist asking founders (and sisters) Jayne and Katie to share some of their tips with our readers interested learning how to master the booming social media platform.

1. Stay positive

We try not to focus on what you shouldn’t be doing, but what you CAN be doing to live a healthier life. We also try to reflect this in our images with lots of bright colours and motivational quotes. When people go through their feed and land on our picture, we want them to smile and be encouraged!

2. Connect with likeminded people

We have met some amazing people on this journey, from women getting out there and living their best life despite busy schedules, to big name companies who inspire us such as Lorna Jane.

3. Be yourself

There are so many people doing so many different things on Instagram it can be easy to start thinking maybe we should be more like this or more like that. We are committed to being ourselves and hope that people will be attracted to our page because they find us to be real and authentic people just living a healthy life.

4. Make it doable for people

We try and make the recipes we post and the workout challenges fit into everyone’s budgets and busy lifestyles. We love healthy food, but if a recipe calls for 10 different superfoods, even we probably won’t bother making it. Same goes for exercise, we provide tips and programs that people can easily do at home or out and about with little or no equipment.

5. Be consistent

We post daily and think people like the consistency of regular motivation. We found a big correlation between increasing our followers and posting consistently.

You can find Sweat and Oranges on Instagram here.

Sweat and Oranges

Sweat and Oranges is an online business offering nutrition and personal training consultations along with free recipes and blog posts, run by sisters Jayne and Katie. Jayne is a personal trainer, kettlebell enthusiast and the ’sweat’ of the business. Katie is a nutrition student at Endeavour College, a green juice addict and the ’oranges’.

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