How Myotherapy took Endeavour alumni, Shannon White, to Cambodia

Written by Shannon White | 7 February, 2020

I first went to Cambodia in 2014 when I was in my second year of Myotherapy at Endeavour. I remember wanting so desperately to be involved with the strengthening of the country but I felt almost helpless. I had searched for volunteer programs that were related to the skills that I had, that I knew could benefit some of the countries I had visited, but there wasn't anything available.

I found Physio, Nursing, Teaching, Engineering even Naturopathy but there was nothing for Myotherapy. I had heard a lot of negative things about volunteer programs operating overseas and I knew I didn't want to be involved in anything that wasn’t truly geared toward the greater good.

Then, in a Myotherapy forum, I saw a trip organised by The Remedy and immediately messaged them asking to be considered. I had no idea going into it the level of research, the socially conscious choices or the enormous amount of time that had gone into curating this trip. Every place we visited every restaurant we ate at and every activity we did was meticulously considered to be beneficial to the community, the people and the environment.

The way the trip had been planned was to take us on the same journey Rotana Cheng (another Endeavour alumni) had gone on when he was learning about the history of the country for the first time. It created such a deep understanding of the cultural significance of the events that transpired.

However, the most important motive for this trip was to share the skills we had gained in Australia, being trained by such incredible practitioners, with the students in Cambodia. Helping to build on the skills they had already learned and enabling them to treat the people of their country while establishing autonomy within their developing industry. It was just as important for us to learn from them and not to take a one-track mind approach to treatments.

I feel as if I, like most people, had gotten into the natural health field to help people. Throughout the trip I seriously gained an understanding of how much we truly can help. It helped me gain knowledge that takes years to develop as a practitioner and such a deep compassion for people experiencing such immense pain and suffering from conditions I hadn’t seen before in Australia. The language barrier, while incredibly challenging, also helps build your palpation and decision-making skills very quickly which in clinical practice takes such a long time to perfect.

One of the most memorable people we treated was an elderly woman who had suffered a stroke many years ago. She had woken up well before sunrise and walked for hours in the sun, with paralysis on her full left side, just to receive treatment from those of us in the treatment camp. I have never experienced such gratitude from a patient before in my life, and I doubt I will again. She came back in again the next day just to be treated by us, walking and waiting hours again. It’s moments like that which affirm what you are doing, and why, a million times over.

Disclaimer: We no longer offer the Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy) at Endeavour College. We encourage students to check out our Massage courses instead.

Shannon White

Shannon White holds her Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy and Diploma of Remedial Massage with over 15 years experience in the health and wellbeing industry. While specialising in sports massage, she has gained an extensive clientele list including the QLD Ballet, QLD Firebirds, Rugby Union; Sunwolves, Kings, Chiefs, Reds & Wallabies. NRL; All Stars, Rabbitohs, Broncos, Dragons, Raiders, Roosters, Sharks, QLD Maroons and the Kangaroos. With experience working alongside other highly skilled healthcare professionals, elite level athletes and industry leaders, Shannon believes treatment is not only an integral part of any training regime, but a necessity for the prevention and recovery from injuries of every day life.