How I helped build an online empire for a leading Australian brand

Written by Nina Tovey | 7 November, 2014

Nutritionist Fiona Harrington, 26, shares how she was nabbed by management to help build the company’s now enormously popular health blog Move Nourish Believe.

When Fiona Harrington, 26, started working in her local Lorna Jane store while studying nutritional medicine, she never expected it would lead to her being nabbed by management to help build the company’s now enormously popular health blog Move Nourish Believe.

Fiona initially contributed to the Lorna Jane blog to share her insights on nutrition while cutting her teeth in the Lorna Jane sales team, where she spent two years immersed in the world of marketing and social media. From this point she was given the opportunity to write full time for the blog and was appointed by the popular women’s activewear label to advise the business on all things nutrition related.

With Fiona’s contribution and her close knit team the Move Nourish Believe blogtoday attracts more than 100,000 unique visits each week, with each article being viewed by an average of 10,000 readers.

Fiona has since met Pete Evans, Luke Hines and Dr Libby Weaver, cooked in Lorna Jane’s very own kitchen and best of all, enjoyed making an inspired living doing exactly what she is most passionate about.

“If you told me I’d be the in-house nutritionist for Lorna Jane when I first started my degree there is no way in holy kale I’d have believed you. I was just a mere baby trying to get my head around organic chemistry,” said Fiona.

“Now I get to spend my days sharing nourishing ideas with the Lorna Jane sisterhood and inspiring a large number of people to live a more healthy and rewarding life. Spreading the message about the benefits of real food, eating sensibly and believing anything is possible is a pretty inspiring way to spend your days.”

Fiona’s role involves writing for the blog as well as building and managing a team of like-minded contributors consisting of nutritionists, personal trainers, chefs, doctors, health coaches and inspirational speakers.

“I really enjoy that my role requires me to stay on top of the latest health research and new food trends, and gives me a platform to express my views and expertise in the field of nutritional medicine,” said Fiona.

“More people than ever are committing to turn their health around, and are coming to big brands like Lorna Jane for inspiration. With more than 155 stores worldwide, we have a global reach we can leverage to encourage people to be the best versions of themselves.”

Admitting it was complicated at times juggling her study with her work commitments, Fiona said Endeavour College of Natural Health’s supportive community helped pull her through.

“There were tough moments but I was lucky to have understanding lecturers and peers who encouraged me to keep going – with a little help from MagOpti Cell, B Complex, flower essences and herbs along the way. I also learnt to be very efficient with my time which is a skill I continue to leverage today,” said Fiona.

When pondering the advice she would give other students who want to start chasing their career dreams before graduating, she said the importance of hard work couldn’t be overstated.

“I love the quote ‘Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.’ It is the journey, muscle, grit, strength and experiences that will take you to your dream job,” said Fiona.   

Nina Tovey

Nina Tovey is a public relations expert who has supported a wide range of clients throughout her career, including world leading brands, Government Departments and small-to-medium enterprises. Nina is the founder of public relations consultancy Yoke Communications.

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