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Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 12 November, 2019

In an ideal world, complementary and conventional medicine would work together in harmony to help heal the body as naturally and effectively as possible.

The marriage of complementary and conventional medicine may perplex some people but one karate champion is fighting for its union. Acupuncturist Rod Martin has an unwavering commitment to karate and its life principals, but an equally strong drive to being an integral part of the broader medical community. After completing his Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture), it wasn’t too long before he would put pen to paper (or pin to meridian).

Rod’s practice, Go2 Health (previously Go2 Human Performance), offers many health services including acupuncture, physiotherapy, naturopathy, nutrition, sports medicine, psychology, hydrotherapy and remedial massage within the same practice. He has earned the loyalty of some of Brisbane’s top CEOs and elite athletes, including key members of the Brisbane Broncos and Queensland Reds, together with a growing network of doctors and fitness professionals who refer their clients to his clinics.

“I have always believed the conventional and complementary medicine industries need each other to fill in any blanks. When the two disciplines work effectively together, it is our patients who benefit,” he says.

“My next move is to replicate the internship process popular in the medical profession. By opening up my clinics to train complementary health graduates in client management and business skills, I can help them hit the ground running.”

With 26 practitioners working together across five different modalities, it’s clear to see that Rod has found his niche and really has been able to provide a 360 degree level of care to the public.

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