Future of Wellness: A country girl thriving in natural health study in the city

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 22 January, 2020

As a young girl playing doctors, Ema Souness loved to blend up medicines using different plants from her parent’s country garden. Back then, she could never have guessed her own health would lead her to study naturopathy.

"As a teenager, I began to understand the benefits of paying attention to my body and what it needs to thrive,” Ema said. “When you improve your diet and lifestyle, tailoring it to your own individual needs, the results are amazing. There is so much you can achieve simply by eating well and incorporating more movement into your life. In emergencies, conventional medicine is life-saving, but we also need to focus on preventing disease from taking root in the first place."

When Ema decided to study Naturopathy, she travelled to Melbourne to visit a few colleges. “The moment I stepped into the Endeavour College campus, I loved it,” she said. “It has a great vibe, and everyone gave me the impression that anything is achievable. After my first year here, I still feel the same way.”

Ema applied for Endeavour’s School Leavers’ Scholarship. She encourages others to apply. “Just try your best and go through all the steps because it’s worth it. The scholarship means I receive tuition support during my degree. That took a lot of stress out of the decision to study,” she said. Ema had to move away from home to study, so she also received government assistance to do this.

“It was a bit scary moving to the city, but Melbourne is full of opportunities,” Ema said. “Public transport is easy, and I can get to workshops and events that I may never have even heard about at home. On campus, you’re surrounded by people who are working towards their dream and who want to share it with you.”

Although university level study seemed daunting, Ema excelled in her academic subjects, particularly the sciences. “Using the online and in-class resources helped me to do well. The lecturers and staff were so helpful. You are never lost at Endeavour, and if you need help, all you have to do is ask,” she said.

One day, Ema wants to create her own community of practitioners – a health hub that empowers people in their health journey. “The world is gradually waking up to the value of natural health. It’s impossible to ignore the clinical results coming through that show its potential to help a lot of people. That’s why it’s exciting.”

Future of Wellness

The Future of Wellness series features stories from current Endeavour students around the country. From where they started to where they are now to where they are headed, we celebrate their unique stories and perspectives.

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