Future of Wellness: Breaking free of anxiety to find her path in natural health

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 21 October, 2021

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A decade ago, Rachel Dhanjal’s life looked very different. She had moved to Brisbane, studied a year of nutritional medicine while working, but was also suffering from chronic back pain, anxiety and depression.

Searching for answers, a chance encounter with kinesiology transformed Rachel’s life. “After seeing a kinesiology practitioner, 90 per cent of my back pain was gone, and my anxiety and depression lifted,” Rachel said. “Fascinated by working with the mind-body connection, I moved to Sydney to study kinesiology. That led me to more study, and eventually back home to Western Australia to start my business as a kinesiologist and mindset coach.”

For more than eight years, Rachel has used her own experience to help other women change their mindsets and create calm and confident lives. After trying IVF to have children with her husband, Rachel has decided to direct her energy into something new. This year, she returned to study, choosing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) at Endeavour in Perth.

“My twin sister is a naturopath, and she studied at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, Endeavour’s predecessor,” Rachel explained. “I also have friends who lecture at Endeavour, and I talked with people about the college. I was impressed by Endeavour’s holistic approach and the number of practical hours in the nutrition degree.

“Endeavour has exceeded my expectations in its course content and delivery. The tutorials and support and forums are so valuable,” Rachel said. “I’ve found if you have a question, reach out. It will always get answered.”

“When I first started at Endeavour, I was worried about whether I would cope. My clinic is booked out six weeks in advance, and I started studying full-time. Study and a busy practice are hard to juggle, so I decided to move to part-time study. I have found my flow, and I know that I can do this.”

Rachel is already applying her nutrition knowledge in her practice by investigating her client’s diet thoroughly. “Skipping meals, lack of daily macros or micronutrients can have a huge impact on people’s stress levels and mental health,” she said. “Generally, people are not educated well about nutrition, and they require a little encouragement to adjust their dietary habits, which can make all the difference to their overall wellbeing.”

“There are many opportunities to help people with nutritional support,” Rachel said. “I believe there is room for everyone in the natural health industry. My sister and I would love a clinic together here in Perth, but I would also like to reach a wide audience online as a holistic practitioner who helps heal anxiety around the world.”

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