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Five healthy distractions that will benefit your study

Written by Lexi Crouch | Monday, 27 July 2020

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We talk about focus and keeping our attention a lot as students and tend to have the mentality to indulge in negative self-talk if we are not paying attention to the task at hand – particularly if a deadline and due date is close.

Due to the pressure of remaining focussed and “switched on” as a student, healthy study distractions are vital if we are wanting to keep our health and overall wellbeing in check. Being a student is no easy job and, being in it for the long haul, it is essential to look after ourselves.

Practicing being present is a great way to bring you into the moment and break away from all that may seem to be piling up in the study department. There is a lot of benefit and, in fact, enhancement of switching off to switch on as it results in coming back with a clear mind to be able to focus and re-centre on the task again.

Here are five ways to help bring you back into the moment, aid as a healthy distraction and keep you physically and mentally balanced throughout the study journey:

Take a walk or get outside

This is a great way to reset mentally and physically when study and life builds up. By removing ourselves from our usual environment and going outside for a walk, it creates a change in patterning and brings flow which can impact our thoughts as well. It allows us to move through difficult emotions (particularly stress in assignment mode) more easily and also is beneficial for your physical health!


This is often analysed and thrown in the too hard basket. However, meditation comes in many forms. Sitting still can be hard particularly if we have a more than usual heavy study load that requires urgent action. Thoughts tend to keep coming in, however trying a guided meditation on YouTube or body scan helps you to take your focus to your body and gives you a mental break leaving you feeling mentally refreshed again.

Watch an inspiring movie

This can help spark feelings of positivity and renew energy again. When we are in a mentally heavy place and fixated on an issue, it can be hard to keep a progressive attitude (we have all let study take over our thoughts at some point) so by watching an inspirational movie it can remind us of what is to come ahead and uplift us again and put focus into the bigger picture as to what is to come from the study journey.

Cooking and baking

Nutritionists… We all know about “procrasibaking” and well, there is proof in that. Cooking and baking is a form of mindfulness as it brings us into the moment again by focussing on the task of baking. This is a very healthy distraction and benefits in there being snacks and meals to provide the necessary fuel to keep us going.

Friends and family

It may seem like an absurd idea to be socialising with our loved ones during busy study times, however keeping contact keeps us in check. There is nothing like a funny joke or story being told to us to bring us into the moment and well, give us that perspective again. Good friends and family are the cheerleaders behind our studies and in our lives that assist with boosting and lifting us which balances from our side when they need us. They are great to pull you out of a heavy load and renew you fresh energy to keep you going the distance.

These tips all serve as healthy distractions that are going to provide health benefits to uplift and refresh, keeping student life in balance.

Lexi Crouch

Lexi is in her final year of study of Nutrition at Endeavour and her zest for study arises from her own background navigating her health journey and wanting to help others feel as good as she does. Outside of study, Lexi works in the field of Eating Disorders, practices and teaches yoga, is a bum and follows her health path.

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