Dear Me: Lola Berry

Written by Lola Berry | 8 January, 2013

If you could write a letter to yourself as a first year graduate about your journey, what would you say?

Hey Lola!!!

Righto! Well you've done it! Here’s your ticket to the ball, now you can wear whatever you want!

So you say you want to be the “Steve Irwin of Fruits and Veggies” – mate, go for it! Here’s a few tricks to help you along the way…

When you hear the word ‘no’, get used to ignoring it. You’re the master of your own destiny and no one can stop you achieving your dreams. It’s totally up to you, the ball is in your court so work with it and make things happen.

Loads of people will put you down and won’t believe in you. Some will tell you to your face but most will say it behind your back. Don’t worry, that’s their jazz, not yours.

For some weird reason lots of people freak out when they see a real person living their dream and they do everything they can to knock you down. I’m not saying you have to block these neggo cats out (cos that can be hard) but know if you’re doing what you love and people are kicking you down it’s their own insecurities.

Trust your intuition, you know yourself better than anyone else in this world. Be with your instincts, if something doesn’t feel right, trust it and protect yourself when you need to.

Do things that scare you, even if that means singing and dancing for charity (yep your singing voice doesn’t get any better but you do get some pretty amazing opportunities). Try new foods, explore new places, travel… lots!

Laugh at yourself, because you’ll have some stuff ups and burn through lots of cash just to film a web series on the other side of the world, but they are some of the most amazing experiences you’ll have and you get to share them with some pretty awesome souls! You work so so so hard, and you’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself.

I know you don’t think you’ll be writing books, but you will and they will be helping people all over the world so stick to it, and be proud of what you create.

You have an inspiring network of people who really love you, and you are so lucky to have them. Thank them more than you think you should cos they really are amazing and so talented.

Don’t freak out when you get your heart broken. The right person won’t break it, and the ones who will break it are here to teach you something.

Never change yourself for anyone. All you can be is real and love who you are, Lols – “if your flame of life is not burning, how can you make the unlit lamps of others aflame? You have to be aflame; only then can you put others on fire.” That's an Osho quote.

Always love with your whole heart. Let's be honest, it’s the only way you know how to love, but don’t let the heartbreak taint that.

Be honest, open, compassionate real and true. And never be scared of change, it’s always happening so go with it.

Work really, really, really hard. and every time you fall get up again, because every time you get up, you get that little bit stronger.

Follow that feeling, you know that feeling you get in your heart when you know you’re doing the right thing.

So in wrapping this up all you need to know is pretty simple: love who you are, believe in yourself, dream so big it scares you, be real, cos the really real people are few and far between and it’s the real ones who can make the impossible happen, they make things sparkle, they shine so bright they light up every room they enter, they make things magic.

Realness is your key.

Big love special soul.
Love Lola xxxxx

Lola Berry

Colourful, adventurous and with a healthy dose of Aussie eccentricity, Lola Berry is definitely not your average nutritionist. She blogs, tweets, writes and talks about good health and whole food, and whether she's eating a banana plucked from a New York City garbage bag or handing out black-eyed peas to celebs at a red carpet event, there's little Lola won't to do to get her message across: eating and living well is easy and fun!

Lola's enthusiasm is contagious and her knack for translating the most technical information into easy-to-follow advice has made her one of Australia's most popular nutritionists. She is constantly finding creative ways to help people make small achievable changes in their lives in order to better their health. Her September 2012 release, The 20/20 Diet, guides readers through a 20-week process that Lola promises will help them reap major health benefits. The 20/20 Diet became the number one diet book in Australia within weeks of its release.

Lola grew up in a family where health and fitness were celebrated, but by no means a focal point. It wasn't until experiencing her first 'summertime detox' as a teenager that Lola recognised what a huge impact food had on health and wellbeing. That detox opened the door to a lifelong passion, and within a few years Lola had completed her Bachelor of Health Science with a major in Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health. Armed with enthusiasm and tonnes of ideas, Lola made it her mission to help as many people as possible live a healthy, fulfilled life.

In 2007, Lola began posting videos full of health tips, nutritional advice and easy, accessible recipes. People responded to her quirky approach and her ‘Fruits and Roots’ webisodes soon led to regular spots as a guest nutritionist on Channel Ten's 'The Circle' show and her first book deal for, Lola Berry's Inspiring Ingredients. Lola kept up with her engaging blog and informative e-newsletters and her online following continued to grow. Today, Lola is a regular guest on TV shows such as ‘The Project’, MIX 106.5’s nationally broadcast 'Body and Soul' radio show and a contributor to numerous magazines and newspapers. In 2012, Lola hosted the Woolworths Macro Theatre at Australia’s world-class Good Food and Wine Show.

Lola is based in Melbourne, where she runs her own nutrition clinic.

Keep up to date with her at and follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can find Lola's latest trailer to her current online recipe series here:

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