Dear Me: Katrina Drew

Written by Katrina Drew | 11 April, 2013

If you could write a letter to yourself as a first year graduate about your journey, what would you say?

Hi Kat,

Oh my gosh – you’ve finished your degree!

So many ideas are rushing through your head - which project should you tackle first? Just jump in and go for what your heart is craving.

You are excited but nervous. What if you’re not ready? Maybe you don’t know enough?

There are a few things you should keep in mind that will help you along that bumpy but glorious scenic route. First of all, always remember what mum told you: “You are a fighter, do what you love and never let anyone put you down”.

You love being in control and that dreaded perfectionist streak is alive and well. Note to self – this will change as you start to mellow and realise what will be will be, along with the beauty of smelling the roses.

Failing is your worst nightmare, but you will fail, and eventually realise this is part of the fun. Embrace those failings and GET UP and try again. Your failings are the best thing to happen to you.  Learning this is what it is all about. Remember that nobody knows you as well as you do. Don’t let people influence you with their judgements, as they usually don’t know your capabilities.

On occasion people will push you in a direction that makes you feel uneasy. You will learn to go down the road which feels best for you and to always follow your instincts.

You love what you do at this moment. Though you feel restricted by working in positions which don’t give you the chance to put your best skills to work, this pushes you through the barrier of fear to take a leap of faith. It is when you open your own clinic specialising in digestive issues that you finally feel able to help those who need it most.  You are terrified at the beginning, but it is one of the best decisions you have made.

By being true to your strengths, your clinic builds a reputation for its nurturing and non-judgemental style of care. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting out there and pushing beyond your comfort zone to explore every business opportunity. This is how some of your most lucrative opportunities come to pass. Be open to all the networking opportunities and partnerships with like-minded businesses you have the energy to pursue. It is worth making the time for.

Don’t stress too much about finances as this will come soon enough. Be kind to yourself. You have worked 80 – 90 hours a week up to this point of your career and it is time to invest in relaxing and enjoying your friends, family and wonderful pets. By doing this you will find yourself again, and your business will benefit too.

You will spend considerable money travelling here, there and everywhere, but you still manage. By getting away from everyday stresses and developing a supportive network of friends, you realise it has to start from the heart.

A medium tells you that you will soon be writing articles for magazines, books and newspapers. At the time you think she’s gone completely nuts, as you’re not a writer. However, this turns out to be true, and is just one of the opportunities you embrace you never would have imagined would be possible.

You will build on the success you find in your own clinic by launching cooking classes to help busy professionals and families learn tasty and nutritious ‘one-pot’ meals. You feel so much expectation on your shoulders in this role, but you will push through this and jump in for the ride.

Throughout your journey there are many mountains. Some are small and some you will need help with. Whenever you come to these bumps in the road there will always be someone to help and show you a different direction or lend a hand – you just need to look for them.

Above all, remember to always be honest and true to yourself and love.

Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug

Katrina Drew

Katrina is the Founder of Brisbane Integrative Health, a multimodality clinic specialising in treating the digestive system through the use of colon hydrotherapy, food therapy, energetic medicine, Neuro-linguistic programming, ear candling and gastrointestinal lymphatic drainage.

Katrina recently undertook post-graduate study in the UK mid-2012, furthering her knowledge in the latest international advancements in treatments for bowel health, focussing on IBS and constipation. Katrina is continuously updating her knowledge with further study, both locally and internationally, in her quest to bring to her clients the best possible outcome for their health.

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