Congratulations, you're a practitioner… now what?

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 25 February, 2020

You’ve put in the hard work and you’ve made it! You’ve got your clinical hours and knowledge up your sleeve and you’re feeling motivated. So, what next? It can seem overwhelming the thought of establishing your own practice. Where do you even begin? We’ve broken it down step by step to help get you started.

  1. Register as a full member of professional association.

When weighing up who to choose, consider the following:

  • What do they offer you?
  • Cost per annum?
  • Cost of indemnity insurance?
  • You will need a certified copy of results from Endeavour College of Natural Health
  • Character references
  • Passport photos

2. Review/update/implement Marketing and Operational Business Plans.

3. Identify your start-up costs and create a budget.

4. Check available domain names for your business

5. Establish a business name and register it with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Check with your accountant if unsure. Note: if you are choosing to practice under your own name, you do not have to register yourself as a business, you would operate as a sole trader.

6. Develop the Operational Plan

  • How will you perform the day-to-day tasks required in the running of your business?
  • Research how you will take bookings. Will you use systems such as Easy Books, Mind Body, Cliniko or other business management software.
  • What equipment will you need? Focus on spending as little as possible and build these over time.
  • Sit in/volunteer with already established, busy clinics and observe the way they do things.
  • Create clinic forms, intake form, feedback form.

7. Develop and implement a Marketing Plan (where applicable):

  • Establish a client database.
  • Build website/Facebook business page.
  • If you build it yourself look at options such as GraphicSprings, Fiverr and Wix.
  • What emphasis will you have on social media presence, what content will you post, when will you post it.
  • Will you also have business cards, vouchers, flyers, signage etc?

8. Establish business bank accounts.

9. Participate in Endeavour Alumni Webinar Program for assistance with professional development.

10. Access the Alumni Webinar recordings on topics such as developing and building your business and small business marketing.

11. Consider how you will receive payment: Will you use Apps such as Cliniko, Mind Body, PayPal, Invoice2Go they take credit card payments on the spot. Access the following link for information about HICAPS.

12. Locate a mentor – to assist you with information including pay rates, room rental terms and conditions, leasing agreements, subcontracting verses employment and transitioning into practice, case studies. Contact the Careers Service to assist you with strategies to locate a mentor.

13. Rent a room – if you choose to rent a room, ensure you negotiate the best option for you. Is the rent a daily room rate, the percentage of the people you see etc. Ensure you have the opportunity to re-evaluate arrangements after a few months. Some graduates have indicated that you should be charged no greater than 33% of your consultation fees (you really need to think about your personal situation as some graduates have also accepted a higher percentage charge). This should not include product sales. This percentage should include rent, use of phone, internet, waiting room and cleaning of the room.

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