Natural Health Heroes: Coming home to a career in natural health

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 27 August, 2019

After studying at university in Western Australia, Chelsey Costa describes Endeavour College as like coming home.

“At uni, it can be difficult to make connections,” she said. “At Endeavour it’s the opposite. I discovered a supportive environment where I got to know everyone, made amazing friends, learnt so much and felt right at home. I loved it.”

While Chelsey originally wanted to study medicine, she became increasingly interested in healthy eating and lifestyle. She pushed this passion aside to study neuroscience for six months, when she realised it wasn’t for her.

“I started working in a health food store and was just about to study Nutrition when I stumbled across Endeavour,” she said. “Endeavour offered a more holistic degree, so I changed colleges and then courses to Naturopathy. I’m so grateful that I found Endeavour and I only wish I’d known about it sooner.”

Chelsey balanced part-time work with full-time study. “At Endeavour, you can easily ask questions and our lectures often became discussions,” Chelsey said. “I absorbed so much knowledge because I was engaged in my studies. My challenge was that I put pressure on myself to get the best marks,” Chelsey said.

“The lecturers at Endeavour are supportive,” she said. “They always took the extra time to explain something if I needed it, and the supervisors in the student clinic are incredible. They gave me a lot of confidence in starting to practice.” 

According to Chelsey, the lecturers were always looking for opportunities for their students. “They also ran a session where a lecturer from each modality talked about how they got started in their career. It was inspiring,” she said.

Chelsey planned to open a clinic with her sister. Together they had built a strong social media community, Peppermint and Sage, focused on natural health. But an Endeavour qualification is highly-regarded, and Perth Health and Fertility offered Chelsey a position as a Naturopath. She gladly accepted.

While it’s still early days for Chelsey’s career, she is passionate about education and would like to do a Master in Women’s Health. She is equally passionate about generously sharing her knowledge. Chelsey regularly gives talks about topics such as menstrual health and would like to extend this work into high schools.

One day, she’d love to lecture back at Endeavour. “Graduating was bittersweet – I was sad to leave but so excited to start working in this industry.”

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