Charging your true worth in business

Written by Samantha Gowing | 30 October, 2015

Nutritionist and business coach Samantha Gowing shares her insights on how developing an entrepreneur mentality can empower health practitioners and their relationship with their finances.

I’ve been mentoring health practitioners, cafe owners and chefs for over five years professionally. One of the biggest issues they collectively face is how to price their product effectively. In particular, health practitioners are a shy mob when it comes to billing and they find it challenging to charge their true worth. So let’s take a look at what holds one person back and propels another forward with a clear strike.

Business Owner A – The Hourly Rater

Business Owner B – The Entrepreneur

Freedom. The biggest mistake most health practitioners make in business is not to prioritise time for personal and business development. Working on the business, not just in the business, will develop systems and strategies. Not doing so is the most prolific harness that holds any business owner from realising their goals.

Three critical elements of a successful practitioner mindset

1. Adopt an entrepreneur’s mentality

2. Categorise your ABC class clients 3

3. Reprogram your beliefs about money – and your right to be successful

Money is an accurate reflection of our beliefs

To identify your beliefs, habits and “programming” about money, look at your recurrent patterns of behaviour and experiences.

1st stepin letting go of old beliefs is simply to identify and thus illuminate them.

2nd step:Decide whether you want to hang on to them or let them go.

3rd step:Replace them with new ones.

This article has been reproduced with permission from Samantha’s blog .

Samantha Gowing

Samantha is a clinical nutritionist and spa chef who creates spa menus for luxury hotels and health retreats worldwide. She develops signature products for the marketplace and helps women discover their inner entrepreneur.

Samantha will showcase her latest research findings on the ‘superfood phenomena’ in Melbourne on Saturday 31 November at an event called Superfoods Revealed, which will include a cooking demonstration with Lorna Jane Active Chef Jasmine Norton.