A friendly discount or disempowerment?

Written by Jamie Gonzalez | 7 May, 2014

A fascinating insight by mentor and speaker Jamie Gonzalez about how the relationship between generosity and self-worth and paying for what we love and appreciate.

This morning I went to my favorite cafe in Bondi, called Porch and Parlour. I love this cafe because the food is delicious, the environment is cozy and the people are friendly. Not only do you feel the love, you can taste it!

Anyway enough of a plug there from me and back to my insight today, which came when I was paying for my coffee.

As I was paying, my friend Sara, who owns the place with her partner Sam, gave me a friendly discount. Now I know we all love it when we receive a discount, but in this moment I felt different.

The discount she had given me I actually gave back and dropped into the tip jar. Sarah looked at me and we laughed, she said ‘that kind of defeated the purpose of you receiving a discount’. But in that moment, I realized something and I could still feel an exchange going on energetically. I felt I wanted to give.

As you can tell I really love and appreciate this cafe, and my friends that put the love into running the place. What came to me in that moment was I would love to express my appreciation and pay for it rather than take a discount.

How often do we look for a discount or a cheaper way of paying for something we truly value? And more importantly, why would we do this when its something we truly love? In truth it’s just ourselves that we are showing appreciation to.

There is no separation, unless you believe you are giving something away or losing something. And this is not possible when you know the truth of who you are.

‘We don’t give because its good, we give because it feels good’and the reason it feels good, is because we are actually giving to ourselves. If I was to find a way of not paying for something, especially something I feel I value, I actually feel like I’m robbing myself of an opportunity to express appreciation.

So next time you catch yourself complaining about how expensive something is or worrying about how much you have to pay. Remind yourself to stop playing so small and rather than coming from a place of lack and fear, chose love by remembering you are expressing appreciation to yourself in another form.

This article has been reproduced with permission from Jamie Gonzalez's blog .

Jamie Gonzalez

Jamie Gonzalez is a sought after speaker, blogger and mentor committed to supporting people around the world break free of limitation and live life to the fullest. Jamie seeks to awaken others to their infinite self by following what they feel moved to do and to become the person they wish to be regardless of circumstances.

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