A few of my favourite things… with Anthia Koullouros

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 26 February, 2014

Wellspring asked renowned naturopath, author and entrepreneur Anthia Koullouros which health and wellness products and services she can't do without...

With a myriad of sustainable products and services vying for our attention, the choice of how best to spend our health and wellness dollars can be overwhelming. With this in mind, Wellspring’s new regular feature will ask Australia’s leading health and wellness experts to share the products they can’t do without. This edition we spoke with renowned naturopath, author and owner of Ovvio Organic Health and Lifestyle Store Anthia Koullouros… 

Brigadoon Harvest pastured eggs

Pastured eggs are an important part of my diet. After much searching I came across farmers John and Estelle Joseph from Brigadoon Harvest chicken farm who pride themselves on using no sprays or artificial fertilisers on the grass, no chemical medications, no hormones, no yolk colourants, no artificial lighting and no beak trimming - just lots of sunshine, wholefoods, grass and bugs. Animals are dear to my heart and John and Estelle treat their chickens so well. I sell them through Ovvio every second Saturday and they are always popular.  Brigadoonharvest.com.au

From $7 per dozen.

Ovvio Vanilla powder

This is one of our best selling products and one of my favourites too. I love adding it to my English breakfast tea and enjoying it with my smoothies, yoghurt and fresh fruit. It is wild crafted and is less refined as some other powders. I love the smooth, luscious and natural sweet quality vanilla adds to foods.  ovvioorganics.com.au  

$19.95 for 40g

Nolan’s Road Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I’m so obsessed with olive oil and add it to everything. I also cook with it once I’ve added butter as a stabilizer. This Australian brand is certified organic and their farming processes are completely aligned with my philosophies.  nolansroad.com  

$17.95 RRP for 250 ml

Ovvio Organics Pure English Breakfast Tea

Not many people know how much I love English breakfast tea. It reminds me of my grandma and always brings a lot of comfort. I couldn’t find a type that I liked so I created my own which is low in caffeine and tannins and made with a full leaf orange pekoe. It unfolds beautifully for a full extraction.  Ovvioorganics.com.au

$12 for 80g  

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

In my eyes there is no other book on nutrition that can rival this one – it is the original. The big lesson from the book for me was that it taught me how and why we should ferment our own foods. It is a well researched and thought provoking guide to traditional foods, and a must have for anyone interested in nutrition. amazon.com


How to Get Well by Paavo Airola

I read this naturopathic book as a girl and inspired me to do what I do today. It taught me the difference between synthetic and natural supplements and prompted me to started to think about food as medicine.  amazon.com  


Pure Jojoba by MV Organic Skin care

I just love this product – it is wonderful for removing makeup, particularly eye makeup, while strengthening the lashes and conditioning the skin. You can also use this product for dry skin, damaged hair, shaving rash, heat rash and infant skin care. Everything else she [creator Sharon McGlinchey] makes is also golden.  mvskincare.com

Kitchen by Mike in Rosebery, Sydney

I love eating lunch here because Mike knows how to source and prepare food so well, and as it is set in an old warehouse the atmosphere is always great. I love his different roasts and salads, plus the fact that he uses real butter. The menu is set daily based on what Mike finds at the markets and revolves around seasonality, simplicity and freshness. Kitchenbymike.com.au

About Anthia Koullouros

Anthia has spent 20 years consulting as a naturopath and is the owner of popular Paddington lifestyle store and naturopathy clinic Ovvio. Combining homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutrition to provide clients with life-long tools for health, Anthia champions food as the ultimate medicine, with simple, nourishing, traditional dietary foundations underscoring her philosophy. Anthia has also release two renowned eBooks, the I Am Food Guidebook and companion Recipe Book , which aim to demystify nutrition, to be published in hardcore by Penguin in April 2013. Ovvioorganics.com.au   

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