7 reasons to study on campus (rather than just online)

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 21 November, 2019

While there are many upsides to studying online, there are also a whole host of benefits to coming on campus to study too. Fortunately, Endeavour College offers the best of both worlds and gives students the opportunity to study subjects both online and on campus.

So, before you make a decision about whether you should do a wholly online course or one that also involves face to face study, here are just some of the benefits to choosing a course that has on campus subjects.

#1 Be a part of a caring and curious community

Firstly, human interaction makes happy (read more about it here). By embracing the energy of your educators and fellow students, you’ll not only feel more inspired yourself but you’ll also be inspiring others.

Seeing people in person helps you to develop lifelong friendships and peer networks. Take advantage of the time you have on campus to make new connections with like-minded people.

#2 Campus culture

On top of making connections with your peers, get the most out of your college experience by getting into the campus culture. With on campus events such as free coffee days, student markets, and special guest lectures, there are plenty of things to do that don’t just involve heading to class.

#3 On-site wellness clinics

How many places can boast an on-site wellness clinic with excellent student pricing? Take advantage of having a clinic right at your feet and book yourself in for some treatments. Our clinics offer acupuncture, myotherapy, tui na, nutrition and naturopathy, so be sure to try them all.

#4 Clinical practice

In addition to being able to attend one of our clinics, you also enjoy the benefit of building up your own practical hours in a working, public-facing clinic. We ensure our students have a high number of clinic hours to their name so that they are career ready when they graduate. You can’t get that from simply studying online!

#5 Access to facilities and resources

Did you know our campuses have free and fast wi-fi for students? We’ve also got plenty of spaces around campus to use (and charge) your devices, study quietly or catch up with friends. Our libraries have a wide range of textbooks and resources, plus bookable meeting rooms as well as printers and PCs. There are kitchens with fridges, microwaves, filtered water and break out spaces so you can bring your own food in too.

As part of being on campus you also have access to real time support services. Simply check in with Student Services for a chat, timetable help or study advice.

#6 Get out of the house!

There’s something to be said about a change of scene. Getting out of the house and heading to one of our conveniently located campuses is a great way to shake things up a bit. Plus, our campuses are located close to some pretty good cafes and eating spots too.

#7 Face time with lecturers

One of the benefits of having face time with our lecturers is they’ll be able to identify your strengths and areas you may need more support. You’ll also easily be able to take notes, ask questions and learn from others while you’re in the classroom.

While online study gives you flexibility, classes on campus will hold you accountable. The structure of having to attend a physical class at a set time is often what some of us need to stop procrastination and get the work done.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to study at Endeavour? Give our friendly Admissions Advisers a call on 1300 462 887 or book a private tour for yourself.

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