Online vs On Campus Study

The Difference Between the On Campus and Online Learning Experience

As the name suggests, Online Learning is education delivered over the Internet, using a variety of presentation and communication tools. Weekly lectures are narrated, recorded and presented online, and offer students the ability to download class notes, the podcast, or even IPOD versions of the lectures.

Discussion, reflection and debate takes place via discussion forums, blogs and wikis, while the online environment provides students and staff with a number of communication channels, including email, noticeboards and in some subjects, real-time communication via tools such instant messaging, Skype and virtual classrooms.

Assignments are all completed electronically, and uploaded to an assignment drop box, where they are marked by lecturers electronically and posted back to the student via the online learning environment.

Some subjects will require online students to attend an on campus examination or provide a proctor to carry out the exam off campus under exam conditions.

Most online subjects have monthly intakes, so there is no need to wait a whole semester before starting these subjects. 

Some subjects make use of virtual labs which can be undertaken on the computer. These virtual labs provide realistic simulations using rich multimedia.

Naturally, learning online can be quite different from learning in a classroom. Endeavour Online Learning provides students with a range of online readiness tools to prepare for learning in such an environment, covering topics such as learning experience, technology, study habits, and lifestyle.


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