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Join the next generation of Complementary Medicine researchers with an Endeavour College Honours Degree.

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Endeavour College of Natural Health Honours Program

Endeavour offers a capstone Honours degree – a specialised year of study that follows the successful completion of an undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Health Science).

The Honours program allows students to draw together the theoretical and practical skills gained in undergraduate studies and develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your particular discipline or an area of interest through research and additional course work.

The program is comprised of three coursework subjects, and an original research project completed under the supervision of a highly qualified and experience academic, all of which culminates in a written thesis. The research project offers the opportunity for the student researcher to make a significant contribution to the knowledge in the field of natural medicine by original research. The length of the Honours program is typically one year full-time. Part-time honours students (1.5 - 2 years) are required to complete the coursework components in their first year of study with the research project being completed in the final semester/year.

For detailed information refer to the following documentation about the Honours Program:

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Who can apply for the Endeavour Honours Program?

Admission to the Honours program at Endeavour requires applicants to have an undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in AcupunctureNaturopathyMyotherapy or Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine Applicants who have a qualification other than a degree in one of the above disciplines are encouraged to contact Endeavour's Educational Pathways team.

Students in their final semester of a relevant Bachelor of Health Science degree may apply for the Honours program in advance of completing their studies. However, evidence of successful completion of the applicants undergraduate degree will be required before the enrolment in the Honours program can be finalised.

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What are the Honours Program entry requirements?

You must be an Australian Citizen and hold an accredited Australian Bachelor degree in: Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Myotherapy or Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine.

Graduates of the above undergraduate degrees with a GPA of 5.5 are automatically eligible to apply. Graduates of these degrees with a GPA of less than 5.5 must provide evidence of substantial research or scholarly activity in order to be eligible to apply. These include but are not limited to:

  1. authoring peer reviewed Journal Articles, Books or Book Chapters
  2. presenting and speaking at conferences
  3. membership of Expert Panels or Association Boards

All potential applicants must score at least 25 points worth of Eligibility Criteria as set out in the Honours Program Application Guidelines.

If you do not meet the Honours Program entry requirements you have the opportunity to take the Advance Academic Writing subject as a non award subject – resulting in two original research articles which may be published to assist meeting entry requirements.

Applicants with a qualification in one of the above disciplines but without a bachelor degree are encouraged to contact Endeavour's Educational Pathways team.

More details on entry requirements can be found in the Application Guidelines.

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Identification of research project and supervisor(s) prior to application

Applicants to the Honours program must identify their intended research project prior to submitting an application to the Honours program. An Honours student may choose to undertake an existing approved Honours research project designed by Endeavour’s team of Honours supervisors or may propose a new research project

Students proposing their own research project will be required to work closely with their intended Honours supervisor to refine their proposed project prior to submission of their application. All students, whether working on an pre-approved project or on a project of their own design will be required to prepare a detailed project proposal and ethics application as part of their Honours coursework. In the case of entering into an existing research project, the student will still be required to fulfil all aspects of preparing a research proposal and ethics application and will need to submit an amended ethics application. There may be additional criteria as required by the discipline in which the student intends to undertake Honours.

At the application stage, your research proposal is intended to provide the Honours program Admissions Committee with a plan for your proposed area of research. For further information on identification, writing and submitting a research proposal refer to the Honours Program Application Guidelines.

View the list of approved Honours Program projects and supervisors.

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What are my future career options with an Honours Degree?

Completing an Honours Degree can lead you to:

  • Entry into further higher research degrees
  • Clinical practice with a more rigorous scientific background
  • Clinical practice with an area of special interest distinct from other practitioners & clinics
  • Research position at a higher education institution such as a research assistant
  • Technical writing for product companies
  • Development of supplements & functional foods
  • Development of treatment procedures
  • Development of research approaches, tools and methodology skills
  • Survey design consultant

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Expressions are now open - Please submit your enquiry if you are interested in the Honours Program.



Endeavour College of Natural Health’s Honours program prepares you to be an industry-savvy, competitive, world-class researcher.

Academic Writing

Develop skills in advanced academic writing on a research topic of interest with guidance from an academic supervisor.

View the Advanced Academic Writing subject outline for more information.


We guide you through the ‘business’ of research. You will implement a research proposal, conduct a well designed original research project and present the completed research findings.

View the Research Methodology subject outline for more information.


We'll give you the street-smart publication, funding and networking skills needed to get your research noticed.

View the Research Proposal & Ethics subject outline for more information.

Real World Practice

Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your particular discipline and successfully translate your research into real world practice.

View the Research Project subject outline for more information.

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