What Are Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points?



Members of complementary medicine associations are required to complete a level of continuing education every year to encourage continued life-long professional growth and learning through the accrual of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points. It also helps practitioners meet growing demands from the public, government, health fund and the insurance industry for improved practitioner competency and accountability.

Each association has its own guidelines regarding the accrual of CPE points and it is best to check directly with your association for these details. However, some of the ways practitioners can earn points may include:

  • Attending accredited industry events
  • Attending courses related to business, professional development and business technology
  • Completing a self directed learning activity or attending educational exhibitions
  • Certain volunteer activities
  • Publishing an article about your area of expertise
  • Undertaking extended training qualifications and courses of study

Endeavour College offers graduates a number of ways to earn CPE points, with various short courses, vocational education study options, seminars and lecture tours eligible to meet various CPE guidelines. It is possible to view our Short Courses and their eligibility for CPE points from our Short Courses website.

If you are unsure of whether a course or activity meets your association’s guidelines for CPE points, it is best to check directly with your association.