Musculoskeletal Therapy

Bachelor of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy)

FEE-HELP available


Musculoskeletal Therapy (MST) treats symptoms, relieves pain, and identifies and addresses contributing factors and underlying causes of musculoskeletal conditions.

MST differs from Remedial Massage in that the inclusion of critical evaluation throughout the curriculum contributes to an ability to effectively assess a presenting musculoskeletal condition, identify its causes/contributing factors, and to develop a holistic plan of management that will provide an effective result. Exercise prescription, diet/nutritional measures, postural awareness, as well as hands-on techniques may be employed.

Graduates may apply for membership with the following professional associations:

Industry standards are changing with regards to online learning. Please remain aware of any changes that are required by associations. Each association has a different view of online learning and contribution to the Bachelor degree. This may change over time but Endeavour commits to keeping you informed about any changes. Updates may be found in the Student Handbook.

Education Pathway

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