M tuina

Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage (An Mo Tui Na) - HLT50112

VET FEE-HELP available

The course explores the history, tradition and global practice of Tui Na and provides students with specialised skills to assess conditions and trauma commonly experienced in the community.

Students will develop knowledge and skill in assessment and treatment of acute and chronic conditions resulting from activities related to sport, work and lifestyle. Range of motion, special tests and orthopaedic testing are developed to assist diagnosis of specific musculoskeletal conditions.

Traditional pulse and tongue assessment is linked to treatment protocols including acupressure point stimulation and acupuncture meridian massage techniques to open the channels and move the Qi. Resolving the stagnation of blood and Qi will address the pain of non-musculoskeletal conditions.

Specialised subjects are designed to train students how to identify, assess and treat the Shen to address the neuro-endocrine imbalances commonly experienced by women. Students will also learn how to strengthen Wei Qi to enhance the health and immune function of infants and children.

Qualified remedial massage practitioners choosing to upgrade to this qualification will expand their skill-sets for treatment offerings to clients. Graduates may seek work in multi-modal clinics where acupuncture and TCM related therapies are practiced.