The College


Endeavour College of Natural Health formerly Australian College of Natural Medicine was established in 1975. We are committed to the future and success of Natural Health both in Australia and internationally. Providing the highest standard of education, the most informed curriculum and constant expansion, Endeavour College of Natural Health is now Australia's pre-eminent provider of education to the Natural Health sector. Our success at offering up-to-date, in-depth Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses that exceed industry demands have been further expanded and developed. Endeavour College of Natural Health now offers six Bachelor Health Sciences Degree programs.

The philosophy of the Natural Medicine industry underpins the success of Endeavour College of Natural Health; Natural Health embraces the philosophy of holism, where mind, body and spirit need to be in balance and harmony if health and wellbeing are to be maintained. From our humble beginnings in 1975 with just 16 students, we have grown and developed with the demand for this growing industry. Today, we are the largest Natural Health college in the Southern Hemisphere with six campuses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and now in Sydney and Adelaide.

Endeavour College of Natural Health has recently become a part of Study Group, a global education company recognised for its delivery of high quality education.

Study Group is committed to giving students the best possible learning experience as well as every possible opportunity to reach their career goals. For more information on Study Group, visit



To promote and advance the philosophy and practice of natural medicine and wellbeing by producing high-quality graduates who will go on to be leaders in their fields of practice. We will do so by being the pre-eminent provider of education to the Australasian natural health, allied health and wellbeing sectors as evidenced by the quality of our teaching and the competence of our graduates.

Organisational Values

Values that guide each and every interaction we have with students, staff, consumers and stakeholders.

  • Authenticity – We do not pretend. We do not have false friends or colleagues. We are warm and genuine and understand that robust discussions aim to support openness and growth.
  • Clarity – We speak to the facts. We do not create mythology based on incorrect information. We verify the data and we act in the interests of clarity.
  • Student Centricity – All students are central to our existence. We work to engage and satisfy our prospective, current and past students like no other tertiary institution.
  • Happiness – We value positivity, joy, encouragement and strive to be in the moment. We affirm our own actions, those of others and the organisation.
  • Embodiment – We teach, support, live and breathe natural medicine and wellbeing. Be the contributions large or small, we consciously find ways to contribute to an holistic approach in everything we do.
  • Responsibility – We take personal ownership of our actions. We do not blame others. When we commit – we follow through. We model the very best in ethical conduct.


We are dynamic and innovative whilst maintaining traditional wisdom in a personalised learning environment. We endeavour to create an empowering experience achieving excellence in teaching and learning and connecting with community. Natural Health is steeped in traditional wisdom and Endeavour College of Natural Health works with its stakeholders to create a learning experience that promotes this traditional wisdom as inherent in all our teachings.

Endeavour Graduate Attributes and Employability Skills

Graduates of Endeavour College develop many qualities and skills throughout their studies. There are clear learning outcomes that enable graduates to excel in their field of employment.

As a leading dual sector provider offering both Higher Education and Vocational Education, the College has determined a set of Graduate Attributes for Bachelor qualified students and Employability Skills for Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualified students.

Attributes of an Endeavour Higher Education Graduate

1. In-depth knowledge and skills in the field of study:

  • A comprehensive and well-founded knowledge in the field/s of study
  • An understanding of how other disciplines relate to the field/s of study
  • Application of knowledge and skills to professional practice
  • An international perspective on the field/s of study
  • The ability to review, consolidate, extend and apply the knowledge and skills learnt.

2. Effective communication:

  • The ability to communicate confidently and effectively within a range of settings
  • The ability to interact effectively with others in order to work towards a common outcome
  • The ability to select and use the appropriate level, style and means of communication
  • The ability to collect, analyse and organise information and ideas and to convey those ideas clearly, fluently, in both written and spoken forms
  • The ability to engage effectively and appropriately with information and communication  technologies.

3. Critical judgment:

  • The ability to define and analyse problems
  • The ability to apply critical reasoning to issues through independent thought and informed judgment from a range of sources
  • The ability evaluate opinions, make decisions and to reflect critically on the justifications for decisions.

4. Ethical and social behaviour:

  • The ability to demonstrate social and civic responsibility
  • Appreciation of the philosophical and social contexts of a discipline
  • Knowledge of and respect for and application of ethics and ethical standards in relation to a major field/s of study
  • Knowledge of and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

5. Innovation and creativity:

  • The ability to work and learn independently and in teams
  • The ability to generate ideas and adapt innovatively to changing environments
  • The ability to identify problems, create solutions and improve current practices
  • The ability to be self-directed and engage in lifelong learning.

Employability Skills of an Endeavour VET Graduate

1. Learning:

  • Attain knowledge and skills in the area of study
  • Manage and invest time in own learning
  • Review, extend and apply the knowledge and skills learnt.
  • Contribute to the learning community
  • Being open to new ideas and technologies as part of life long learning.

2. Problem solving:

  • Contributing to productive outcomes
  • Develop creative, innovate and practical solutions by applying a range of strategies to problem solving
  • Showing initiative either as an individual or within a team in identifying and solving problems.

3. Planning and organising:

  • Managing time and priorities
  • Being resourceful
  • Planning the use of resources including time

4. Effective communication:

  • Contributing to productive effective relations with peers, employees and customers
  • The ability to listen
  • Empathy and the ability to negotiate responsively
  • The ability to express verbally and through writing accurate information and opinion.

5. Teamwork:

  • Contributes to productive working relationships and common outcomes.
  • Identifying the strengths of team members and defining individual roles within a team
  • Working across age, gender, race, religion or political differences.

6. Self management:

  • Having a personal vision and goal
  • Be self-directed and engage in life-long learning
  • The ability to evaluate and monitor your own performance.

7. Technology:

  • Being aware of OHS requirements
  • The ability to use and apply common information and communication technologies.

8. Initiative and Creativity:

  • The ability to adapt innovatively to changing situations
  • Being strategic for long-term goals
  • Identifying new opportunities.