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  • 17 September 2018

Menno Veeneklaas

  • Position: Chief Executive Officer

Gordon Buchanan

  • Position: Chief Financial Officer

Dr Melisa Rangitakatu

  • Position: Dean and Operations Director ACNM

Rebecca Reid

  • Position: Associate Director, Research

Dr Andrea Bugarcic

  • Position: Director of Education | Head of Department-Biosciences

Deirdre Mathias

  • Position: Director of Student Services and Retention

Dr Graeme Hodges

  • Position: Associate Director Clinical Services

Kathleen Daniel

  • Position: National Educational Pathways Manager

Sherri Duncan

  • Position: National Campus Manager Liaison

Trudi Hennessy

  • Position: National Education Systems Manager

Ewan Birnie

  • Position: National VET Manager

Elissa Holswich

  • Position: National QA, Governance and Compliance Manager