Student Representative Council

Student life at Endeavour should be a rich and positive experience centred on engagement within academic and vocational areas of development. The Student Charter aims to foster Endeavour values and encourage active engagement between the College and the student body within the contexts of professional practice, teaching and learning, research and the life of the College community.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) provides students with an opportunity to involve the student body in an ongoing partnership with staff and the broader college community. The Student Charter underpins the Endeavour student experience and defines the partnership that exists between students, the staff who teach them and the broader College community. The Charter outlines what it means to be a student member of the Endeavour Community and student responsibilities and expectations.  Our Endeavour values guide each and every interaction that we have with our stakeholders.



  • To identify and facilitate the interests of the students at the College.
  • To advocate to the College on behalf of the students
  • To provide a recognised means of communication between the student body and the administrative and academic departments.
  • To provide and promote the participation and considerations of the student body in matters of importance to campus life.
  • To contribute to the continuous improvement through engagement with the national student body.